Policies hold a fundamental importance for any organisation. For Braindumpskey.com , your privacy is our priority. To keep you assisted with the services, we collect, preserve and then utilise that information only with your permission and realizatdion. In order to keep our relation firm with the customers, we commit to privacy. We assure you to protect your private information and personal data. As we work with the third parties, so your external information may be shared with the Braindumpskey.com family unit, affiliates, vendors and suppliers. Although the details of the data used about you will be provided. Braindumpskey.com wants to keep you aware of every action taken related to you, so we encourage you to read everything carefully and use the site only if you agree with every part of the policy.

Process for assurance claim

If you want to claim something, within seven days of examination, you must submit the examination score testimony to us. The examination score testimony should be in pdf format.The card that is utilised to create the payment will be used. No retired exam, wrong exam or agreement will be amused by Braindumpskey.com once the formation is downloaded. To claim any guarantee, Braindumpskey.com should be notified in advance (minimum three days) concerning the exam date by the candidate. There are only seven days of learning suggested by Braindumpskey.com the agreement can not be claimed for any test got within seven days of purchase of the exam material. Braindumpskey.com is only made for single user purpose, and agreement can not be claimed if used by more than a single user.

If you have any further questions about the privacy policy and assurance claim procedures, you are always welcome to contact us. Our friendly staff is 24/7 available to provide you with quick assistance.